Chemical and Adsorbent

With our experience in adsorbents and catalysts, EPT supplies high quality adsorbents and chemicals that translates into low OPEX for gas purification, separation and upgrading.

Waste to Energy

EPT is able to take advantage of the parent company’s expertise in thermal process technologies that allows it, to offer waste to fuel/energy packages for solid waste conversion. EPT offers technology platforms that will process plastic, digestate, water treatment sludge, hydrocarbon waste and biomass to produce carbon-based materials with higher added value.

Our alliance partners technologies allow EPT to convert the process gas to hydrogen utilizing reforming and water shift reactions or produce methane through the methanation process.

We have capability to test different feedstocks in our pilot facility and integrate the operation conditions based on the final application.
For syngas, hydrogen, or methane production, we can offer batch and continuous production packages as a turnkey or build-and-operate concepts.

Hydrogen Production and Purification

EPT designs and fabricates hydrogen purification and extraction packages.

EPT offers gas cleaning processes to remove impurities from the hydrogen rich gas streams and extract hydrogen through the PSA package with the highest recovery and purity.

We supply hydrogen extraction packages that can be coupled with the waste conversion systems to extract hydrogen from various process gases.


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